Let the voices of the Atayal children

stir your heart and rejuvenate your spirit.



In a world lurching from crisis to crisis, more children and communities are in urgent need of help. On 8 August 2024, World Vision Malaysia is hosting a Charity Dinner at the HGH Convention Centre Kuala Lumpur to raise funds for our transformative development programmes in vulnerable communities, helping those in need to restore their lives and become self-sufficient.


World Vision is proud to present an evening of heartfelt performances and stories:

The Taiwan Children's Choir


The Taiwan Children's Choir will perform a selection of soul-stirring songs that convey a message of hope and resilience, both in their native tongue and in other languages.

Caroline Li, World Vision Taiwan CEO


World Vision Taiwan CEO Caroline Li will share about our community development work and how it impacts the lives of vulnerable people.

Temu Koto', Taiwan Children’s Choir Instructor, Veteran Educator


Temu Koto' will share about his personal journey and his experiences in teaching children.

Donate to reserve your seat!


Through your kind support, we can bring sustainable, life-changing development to vulnerable communities.

You can donate to reserve a table:

Platinum Table

RM 30,000.00

Emerald Table

RM 20,000.00

Gold Table

RM 10,000.00

Silver Table

RM 5,000.00

Classic Table

RM 2,000.00

Alternatively, you can reserve individual seats at a table:

Silver Seat

RM 500.00

Classic Seat

RM 200.00

Seats will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Maximum seating capacity of a table is 10 pax. All food served will be pork-free. If you're bringing children, please note that you must purchase seats for them as well.



Proceeds from the Dinner will go to our Community Development Fund, which supports children and families in need by bringing child protection, livelihoods, health & nutrition, education and clean water to their communities. Your loving contributions will help new generations of children grow up in a stable, self-sustaining environment.


We look forward to sharing a memorable evening with you!


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