30-Hour Famine – Helping Children Fight for the Better!

Vision News , June-2021      4 min read

When you think of a survivor, what comes to mind? Someone who lives through disaster, conflict or intense hunger? A person who has faced and overcome great difficulties or personal struggles?


At World Vision, when we hear the word ‘Survivor’ we think of:


A young refugee from Myanmar who collects bottles to ensure that his family – including his beloved little sister – get the food they desperately need. Watch his video story here.


A teenager who was rescued from child labour, discovered a new talent and became a hero to her community by sewing masks during the pandemic. Watch her video story here.


A little girl who was saved from begging on the streets and is determined to live life to the fullest despite the hardships she faces. Read her story here.

We believe that these children are true survivors! They have faced the worst the world has to offer and they are still standing. They are not defined by tragedy, loss and hardship, nor will they back down from their challenges. They can reach out to help others. They have the power to make a difference.


In short, they have what it takes to Fight for the Better!

Stand alongside survivors

Millions of children worldwide are facing threats to their survival due to conflict, disaster, and dire poverty. As the world has been plunged into chaos by COVID-19, vulnerable communities are being further deprived of necessities like nutritious food, clean water, basic sanitation, and livelihoods.


The slogan of this year’s 30-Hour Famine is ‘Fight for the Better’. That means we’re not going to be idle while children suffer. We’re going to stand alongside them as they take on the forces of poverty and fight for a brighter tomorrow!


This year, the 30-Hour Famine offers more ways for Famine Fighters to participate! You can take on our 30-Hour Famine Challenges on your own, with your close friends and family, or with other Famine Fighters while fasting from solid food, beverages or meat for 30 hours. You can also do these challenges anytime and anywhere, physically or virtually! There are three formats to choose from:

Individual Challenge

Join as an individual and choose from three challenges to carry out at your own pace.

Friends & Family (F&F) Challenge

Gather with your family or close friends (2-10 people) to carry out an F&F Challenge.

Community Challenge

Gather with other Famine Fighters (11-50 people) to carry out a Community Challenge.

No matter how you choose to take part, you can make a difference for vulnerable children by encouraging your family and friends to give through our online fundraising platform! Donations will go towards Health & Nutrition, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) and Livelihood projects in India, Lebanon, Mongolia and Vietnam, as well as to Malaysian beneficiaries.


Are you ready to help children and families worldwide Fight for the Better? Sign up as a Famine Fighter or lead the charge by becoming an F&F or Community Leader! If you can’t join us, you can help by giving to the 30-Hour Famine Fund. Let’s help children to survive and thrive!

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