A Drop of Hope

Vision News , September 2021      3 min read

Imagine if you were the reason a young family could go to bed with full stomachs and not worry about their next meal?


Lebanon’s economic crisis is one of the worst in decades. The currency has collapsed and businesses have shut. Prices for basic goods are skyrocketing while salaries are now worth a tiny fraction of what they used to be. Compound that with the Syrian refugee crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact of the Beirut blast, the outlook is grim.


“It is a nightmare. Things happened overnight and we could not believe it. We were not wealthy prior to this crisis, but we were living in peace. We lost our sense of safety and assurance overnight. I never imagined the situation would deteriorate rapidly like that. The impact of the economic collapse is surreal but it definitely hit us hard,” said 24-year-old Najwa from Ain Arab in the south of Lebanon.


“What I fear the most is not being able to feed my daughters (three and eight years old) and for them to go to bed hungry. As the days go by, we are losing our purchasing power. The value of my husband’s salary has decreased tremendously and it is our only source of income.”

Despite the crisis pushing Najwa and her family to the edge of survival, Najwa confronts the feeling of hopelessness with hope as things changed the day they started receiving food from World Vision.


“World Vision is the only organisation that gave us food aid. The food could not have come at a better time and I couldn’t be more thankful. I am now able to feed my two daughters whenever they ask for food. It is like we found a drop of hope in hopeless times.” For the first time since the crisis, Najwa and her husband have support to raise their young daughters and can go to bed without worrying about their next meal.


In Lebanon, World Vision is working to assist vulnerable families like Najwa’s who are affected by the economic and COVID-19 crises. Join us in bringing hope and more to the children and families in Lebanon today.

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