A Second Chance At Life: Nancy’s Story

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Nancy Yiampoi, 34, is a humanitarian worker with degrees from the University of Nairobi. She’s also the proud mom of a 10-year-old daughter. All this was made possible when a young woman from Australia named Georgie Paschalis spontaneously decided to sponsor 11-year-old Nancy through World Vision.


Born in Kajiado County, Kenya, Nancy watched women fetch water and tend to animals. She dreamed of a different life through education. However, her stepfather didn’t support her, not even buying her a uniform. “A girl was considered, and maybe still considered, inferior to a boy,” she says.


Things changed when Georgie, watching a World Vision documentary on Africa, was moved to sponsor a child. Nancy first felt the effects of being sponsored when she received a new uniform at school. “I was so excited because somebody cared to buy me a uniform.” That was just the start.


World Vision went to work in Nancy’s community, providing uniforms, books, and bags, subsidising school fees as well as building classrooms and water tanks at schools. World Vision also improved health services and instituted water projects in the community.



Paying it forward


As Nancy graduated high school and went to university, she came to deeply appreciate what Georgie’s generosity had done. “If I had not gone through high school, I would not be at this level,” Nancy says. “If it were not for World Vision, I would not have achieved this. I got a second chance at life.”


As a way of re-investing Georgie’s gift, Nancy takes care of her family and helps pay school fees for children in need. She wants the best for her daughter Lavonne, a top student. “One of the things I’ve learned to do is praise my daughter for the good things she’s done. [I tell her] ’You must be proud of yourself.’”


Georgie is proud of the woman Nancy has become. “She’s done so much. Thinking back now I was hoping that I was helping… I had no idea what a difference [it would make],” says Georgie tearfully. She is gratified that her sponsorship changed the life of a little girl for good.

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