Ayo Kita Rayakan!

Vision News , December 2021      5 min read


After 13 years of development programmes, Ternate Area Programme (AP) in Indonesia has reached self-sustainability, which means they are equipped and capable of continuing any development work on their own, as well as care for their children.


Your support over the years has helped the children and communities of Ternate in far-reaching ways, and we want to celebrate the work we have done together!

Where we started
  • Parents lack income, business knowledge and skills
  • Community members lack financial literacy and access to financial institutions
  • Low awareness on child rights, no child protection reporting systems or mechanisms in place
  • Children were malnourished, mothers lack knowledge on infant and young child feeding practices
  • Children’s health and growth were not monitored
  • School dropout rates were high, teachers had low capacity in facilitating learning activities and often punished students using physical violence
Where we are now

  • Farmer groups were equipped, trained and provided with equipment to increase their yields
  • Savings groups were formed; members trained on financial management skills
  • Child protection groups and committees were set up; children and adults gained a better understanding on children’s rights
  • Child forums were established and children were empowered to speak up on issues that affect them
  • Mothers and caregivers participated in growth monitoring sessions and received trainings on breastfeeding and child feeding practices
  • Prevalence of underweight and malnourished children have reduced significantly
  • Improved quality of education; students taught to develop their character and life skills
  • Children now have a more positive reception of their teachers and far less physical punishment is used in the teaching process
A young leader, fueled by your support

“I am Musdalifah. I am 16 years old and was among the first few sponsored children in my village. At first, my family and I were not aware what Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI; World Vision’s implementing partner in Indonesia) offered, but we knew that I was a representative for other children in my village.


“Many activities were conducted by WVI in my village. The children’s group and child forum helped us grow our confidence and creativity. I learned about leadership, child rights, child-friendly spaces and child protection. At the child forum, I received training to be an initiator and pioneer in addressing children’s issues in my community. It was not easy, but my family was supportive.

"I became a facilitator, passing on my knowledge to other children. I also got actively involved in my school’s activities; studied hard and became one of the top three students. I became confident in delivering my opinions at school and tried my best to be an example for other children.


“I am also grateful that my family received support. They attended training on child protection and applied it at home. They don’t use violence at home, and allow me to speak up about child rights at community meetings. We also received training in organic farming and have a garden with vegetables like tomatoes, chillies and more. We can have healthy food and our neighbours often buy our vegetables.


“One main reason I actively participated in WVI activities was because I knew that my sponsor was always supporting me. Now that I am about to move to further my studies, I feel grateful because WVI did so much for my personal development and family."


Ternate AP was started to address issues faced by the children and communities that resulted from religious conflicts and disasters in the region. With your faithful support, Ternate is now in the top 10 districts with the lowest number of poor households in Indonesia. Thank you for journeying with us in transforming the Ternate community, and we hope you will continue to transform more communities with us!

*Ayo Kita Rayakan means Let’s Celebrate in Bahasa Indonesia, the official language of Indonesia

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