Deborah Henry & Marwa - Upholding Child Rights Together

Stories of Hope      2 min read

“When I grow up I want to be a judge so that I can protect the rights of the people”
- Marwa, 12 years old


Marwa is from Bent Jbail, Lebanon, and she has been sponsored by Deborah Henry, World Vision Malaysia Advocate for Child Protection, since she was six years old. When their sponsorship journey began six years ago, neither of them likely imagined that they would one day share the same passion for protecting the rights of others!


Through Marwa’s participation in World Vision’s child sponsorship programme, she is able to learn about her rights as a child and get involved in decision-making for her own future. World Vision helps to raise awareness about child protection, and trains youths and adults to address issues concerning child well-being - perhaps these activities explain Marwa’s dream of becoming a judge in the future!


“I’m so glad that Marwa is going to school; she’s making friends, and learning things that she enjoys. But what I love more is that she also cares about rights, and wants to dedicate her life to protecting the rights of others.” - Deborah Henry


Because of sponsors like Deborah, children like Marwa can have hope of one day achieving their dreams and helping others in need. You too, can give hope to a child in need and empower him or her through child sponsorship. When a child is given the chance to reach their full potential, who knows what they could achieve?

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