Do’s Story of Hope

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What does it take for a child to overcome poverty?


Meet 10-year-old Do and her family from Tua Chua, Vietnam. With six in the family and little to go around, every day was a struggle, and they needed much more than just food or money to get out of poverty.


Hear Do’s story of how child sponsorship made a difference

Little by little

Do’s family tackled their challenges one by one. Starting with a goat provided by World Vision, they learned to rear and sell animals for income. Through a savings group initiative, they learned how to calculate their expenses and save money. Do’s mom also joined the nutrition club, where she was trained in preparing healthy meals and preventing malnutrition. At home, they started a vegetable garden to reduce food expenses, and soon Do was skipping off to school instead of having to help in the fields.


Remembering where we were six years ago, compared with today, our family’s life has improved a lot. The children are healthy and dynamic, enjoying school and meaningful extracurricular activities. Our family is in harmony. Best of all, we have different income sources to sustain our lives.” shared Do’s mom, Gong.


“My husband often smiles and reminds me of how we have benefitted from World Vision’s programme. My hope now is for our children and grandchildren to keep being healthy, study well and go to university; that would make me feel content. I also hope our livelihood will continue to thrive and that one day, we’ll escape poverty completely."

Making a lasting change

In World Vision’s Tua Chua Area Programme, where Do lives, the number of households with sufficient dietary diversity has increased by 44% since 2018 - that means that Do and other children are healthier than ever before! Without the support from child sponsors and donors, this would not have been possible. Every little bit counts, and together, we will enable vulnerable children, their families and communities to break free from poverty - for good!


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