Francissca Peter believes in the power of hope!

Stories of Hope      2 min read

The world is reeling from COVID-19 and its devastating impact on nations and individuals alike. Amid such turbulent times, how do we cope with anxiety, despair and uncertainty? For Francissca Peter, renowned singer and World Vision Malaysia Child Sponsorship Ambassador, the answer lies in a four-letter word.


In this candid interview with radio presenter Freda Liu, Francissca shares her personal journey in overcoming poverty, reflections on resilience and how in her own season of struggle, she remained committed to journeying with her sponsored child, Nor, until her community has become self-sustainable! In the midst of hardship, it was hope that carried her through.


“Hope and faith always come together for me. I do believe that God, a higher power, is a very merciful and loving God. Sometimes, when you are at your lowest, He will pick you up. That is hope for me. You could (also) say hope is like a candle, a light at the end of the tunnel. But hope is really each and every one of you. You are the hope for someone who has nothing. You are the hope itself for someone who needs you.”


When you sponsor a child, you light the way for hope to burn brightly in their hearts. Discover how child sponsorship can transform the lives of children in need, and embark on your own journey of hope today.

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