Helping Children Step Up: Manich’s Story

Stories from the Field      3 min read

16-year-old Manich grew up in a remote village in Kampong Leng District, Cambodia. Her parents were both farmers who worked hard to provide for Manich and her two siblings.


Manich remembers what things were like before World Vision came to her community. “There was no well in my community. People used unclean water which caused children to fall sick.” Education facilities in the community were also poor.


At the age of seven Manich became a World Vision sponsored child. “When I received my sponsor’s letter, I was so excited. I was motivated to study hard and strive in my life and education.”


Through the sustainable development made possible by child sponsorship, the changes in Kampong Leng have been dramatic. 190 wells are erected throughout the community, allowing 92% of families to access clean water. In fact, there’s a well within walking distance of Manich’s home. “I’m happy to see people use clean water and practise good hygiene,” says Manich.


Besides water, World Vision also built the capacity of librarians in 17 target schools, restored nine libraries and formed four primary school committees to improve the quality of learning children received. As a result of these and other education initiatives, an astounding 100% of children in the community can get a good education!


Nowadays, children like Manich have access to many child-friendly activities. This includes the children’s club, which provides a safe space for children to read and enjoy activities with other children. Youth groups have also sprung up around the community, inspiring young people to step up and become leaders.


Manich may no longer be a sponsored child, but she is determined to keep her community thriving and self-sufficient after World Vision completes its work. “[In the future] I want to see my community stay as strong as when World Vision was here. I thank World Vision for helping children, including me.”

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