Make 2021 a Year of Positive Firsts

Vision News , March-2021      3 min read


Firsts are powerful moments and 2020 hasn’t been short of them – from a pandemic to adapting to a new normal, from our first time working from home to our first Zoom party, the year certainly gave us a lot of firsts.


2021 is well underway, and although the firsts are fewer and further between these days, we can make firsts happen – a different kind of firsts.


Child sponsorship opens up a world of firsts for children, their families and communities as well as you! These firsts are not moments of grandeur; they are moments many of us have experienced, but may have not realised its value.

When you sponsor a child, you introduce a series of impactful firsts that changes lives.

A hope for a better future

Her first day at school could be her last day at risk of child marriage.

His first nutritious meal means his first day with enough energy to learn and play.

A new beginning

A parent’s first day at work could mean the last day their family is threatened by hunger.

Their first night sleeping with a mosquito net could be their last night facing malaria.

An opportunity to leave poverty

The first clean water pump in their village could be the last time dirty water makes them sick.

The first trained health worker and first clinic might be the last time they go without basic healthcare.

A new friendship

The first time you put her photo up on your fridge is the last time she’s a stranger.

The first letter you receive from your sponsored child is the beginning of a new friendship.

Imagine the world of firsts you could create in a child’s life by becoming a child sponsor.

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