Nahomy’s Story: A Young Girl with a Mission

Stories from the Field      2 min read

A teenager, dreamer and now youth mayor of her community -- meet Nahomy of Yamaranguila in western Honduras! At 13 years old, Nahomy was recently elected youth mayor of her community and has wasted no time tackling the issues on the ground.


As youth mayor (she won twice as many votes as the other candidates), she campaigns hard for education while raising awareness against child marriage and teen pregnancy. This, she says, is because she has seen how these issues have robbed many girls of a brighter future.


A confident girl with a clear mind, Nahomy knows what living in poverty looks like. For six years, she lived with her grandparents on a coffee farm because her father had to migrate for work. Life wasn’t easy, and they struggled to make ends’ meet. But Nahomy is driven by purpose to lead her generation in making the changes they want to see.


“To me, being educated means that I can take care of my family and my community, especially my grandparents and father who have sacrificed so much to give me opportunities.”


A girl of action, Nahomy accompanies local child protection officers to visit homes of children who drop out of school. Before becoming youth mayor, this World Vision sponsored child was a child rights advocate and community organiser.


Nahomy has had to fight exploitation and violence to live free of fear. But with the support of her family and sponsor, she’s dreaming big, hoping to become a doctor and start the first clinic in her community. It’s clear that Nahomy is a girl with a plan, and she’s not stopping until she brings about the changes that she wants to see.


As a sponsored child, Nahomy is being empowered to live a life free of fear. However, thousands of other girls urgently need sponsors so that they can live safely and without fear of tomorrow. Join the movement to sponsor 1,000 girls by International Day of the Girl on 11 October.

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