Turning Waste Into Hope

Vision News , December 2021      3 min read

Mrs Erna from Ternate, Indonesia used to be a conventional farmer, but turned to organic farming after receiving training from Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI; World Vision’s implementing partner in Indonesia).


Since switching to organic farming, she worked hard to put her knowledge into practise and her farm is now certified by INOFICE (Indonesian Organic Farming Certification), contributing to increased sales and production. The 48-year-old mother also saves her earnings with her community savings group and is hopeful that she will be able to support her children’s tertiary education.


However, three years later, she started to run out of organic fertilisers and considered reverting to chemical fertilisers. But not until she received a special gift.


When Mrs Erna learned that she was going to receive the gift of two cows, she was overjoyed. “I was very happy to receive the cows. I like to take care of them, and my husband and I feed them every day. Every morning, I feed them grass and in the afternoon, I give them tofu dregs (soy pulp).” Her joy grew when she realised both cows were pregnant. Mrs Erna also received training on livestock management and integrated agriculture from WVI.


With the cows came something else – cow dung. "Now that I have cow dung, I can make organic fertilisers again. I am thankful that we were also taught how to make both liquid and Bokashi fertilisers.” With her newfound knowledge, Mrs Erna has plans to develop and grow her agricultural business by selling her homemade fertilisers.

“Thank you, World Vision. I am very thankful for all the assistance I have received. Keep up the good work and continue giving hope to many others!”

One thoughtful gift can change the lives of children, families and communities in need, especially when COVID-19 has worsen their situation. This Christmas, pick out a practical gift and help those in need celebrate the season with joy and hope for the future!


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