Xiaobing walks out of the darkness - How love lit the way for a child

Stories of Hope      5 min read

If your eyes could not see, how would you feel? How would you face the future? How would you go on in the world?


Xiaobing from China, who is 12 this year, can't see at all because of congenital cataracts. When she was little, she lived with her family in the city. Although she was looked after by a special caregiver, she did not learn how to care for herself. She was afraid of the outside world and dared not interact with strangers. When she ate, she would grab the food with her hands. Her response to the difficulties she faced was tears.


When Xiaobing was enrolled in a Social Services Centre partnered with World Vision, her world was no longer a dark place...


Under the guidance of her new teachers, she started practicing basic activities, such as using sounds to decide when to cross the street, checking if a path is clear with a cane, and walking down stairs. She also learned to recognise coins by touch so she could buy things, eat with chopsticks and a spoon, and wash her clothes. Best of all, she also learned braille, allowing her to learn and go to school.


One of Xiaobing's hobbies is writing poetry. Guided by her own feelings and other people's descriptions, she uses poems to portray the pure, colourful world in her mind. Even though she is disabled, Xiaobing remains strong and optimistic about life and the future! She said: "Not being able to see is not something to be fearful of. As long as you keep trying, things will change for the better and your future will be filled with hope.” Her dream is to become a kindergarten teacher, so that she can help other children!

Throughout the years, World Vision and our sponsors have worked together to build a better future for countless children through our Child Sponsorship Programme. Regardless of religion, race, cultural background, gender, physical ability - or disability - we are committed to their well-being.


We want to thank all of you for your continued partnership with World Vision in caring for each and every child!


Because of you, children have hope!

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