Meet the Girls Behind the Stories

Get to know the brave and inspiring young girls making a difference in both their own lives and the lives of others in their communities.

Lina, 11, Cambodia

Lina (second from left) had a tough upbringing, with the struggles of daily life often meaning days when she had to miss school or go to bed hungry. The one thing she held onto though, was her passion for football. Lina joined a football programme, learning to play properly and gaining confidence along the way. Her school received support in the form of a new library and playground, and teachers and parents were trained on how to help their kids learn. Now, Lina reads every night and is free to dream of a brighter future.

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“Now, I always borrow books from the library. I read them with my best friend and with my sister at home.”


Xiaobing, 12, China

Xiaobing, a visually-impaired child, was once unable to carry out daily tasks by herself. Working with the local social services centre, World Vision helped provide Xiaobing orientation and mobility training, education support and life skills training. Today, the young girl has made tremendous progress. She can cook her own meals, use chopsticks and even eat with a spoon. Having grown in confidence, Xiaobing has also started writing poems and is embracing her new chapter of life.

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“I want to be a kindergarten teacher when I grow up.”


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Empowering these inspiring girls to change their lives for the better is a gift like no other, just as Addyson played a part in helping Maurine and her community.


"Don’t let anybody take down your big dreams.”


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