Child Protection Fund

We believe that every child deserves to be protected from violence and live a life free of fear, violence and exploitation. Help us make a safer world for children possible!

“Without child protection and child rights knowledge, my parents will not know the difference between discipline and abuse. My parents may marry me off at a young age or force me to work instead of sending me to school. I will not know how to protect myself from harm and danger, and may continue to live my life being abused.”


Up to one billion children, aged 2–17 years, have experienced some form of violence in the past year.1 But we believe that it doesn’t have to be this way.


World Vision engages those who have a responsibility to protect children, from families to government officials. We focus on improving laws and accountability, increasing social services and support, inspiring behaviour and attitude change, and strengthening child resilience. We also seek to counter the poverty and social stigma that lead to violence, abuse and exploitation.

Key Challenges

Poverty and survival

Poverty is usually the key factor in children getting trapped in child labour and child marriages. Having an extra pair of hands to earn income or one less mouth to feed often drives desperate families to make decisions that put their children in harm’s way.

A lack of education

Children and families in poor and rural communities are often unaware about fundamental child rights such as the right to education, nutrition and protection. Thus, they are less equipped to protect children from danger or exploitation.

No structures or frameworks for protecting children

In many poor communities, there is a lack of legal frameworks and enforceable policies to protect children from harm, and often no systems in place to report cases of abuse, violence and exploitation.

How World Vision Helps

Empowering children

We empower children with skills and knowledge on their rights, how to protect themselves and each other. They are also encouraged to participate and supported to communicate opinions, take responsibility and make decisions.

Strengthening families

We strengthen families and caregivers to be the first line of protection and care for children. We support parents and caregivers through social support networks, economic and social assistance and equip them with positive parenting skills.

Mobilising communities

We help communities build a safety net to protect children, prevent harm, and ensure those who are harmed get the help they need to recover. Our programmes strengthen laws, norms and circles of care that keep children safe.

Global Impact

Through World Vision’s work around the world… 





Facts and figures based on 2022 data.

How you can support the Child Protection Fund

We believe that a world without violence against children is possible. Help support programmes that keep children safe from violence and exploitation.

Child Protection Fund (One-time, any amount)

RM 35.00

Child Protection Fund (Monthly)

RM 35.00 / Month

I would like to add RM35 per month to empower communities to advocate for children and protect them from violence and abuse. This additional contribution will help keep more children safe and aware of their rights.

At World Vision, we seek to ensure that all resources entrusted to us are used as efficiently and effectively as possible. In rare cases where donations exceed what is needed, or where local conditions prevent programme implementation, World Vision will redirect funds to equally important programmes that help children and families in need.


1 World Health Organization, 2022.

Story From the Field

Stories from the Field

Therezia Becomes a Voice for Child Protection

Once shy at expressing herself, Therezia has become a fearless advocate for child protection in her community. Read her story.

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