Clean Water Sparks Hope in Children’s Hearts


Winter may be coming, but nothing can dampen the spirits of these children in Vietnam. They have received a Gift of Hope in clean water, a practical gift that has transformed their lives in countless ways. In the remote satellite school of Ven-Am-Kha, a singular water filter has brought significant change to 103 pre-school children and their teachers. And for the first time, warm drinking water is now available at school!


“Our school has only one shared toilet, and children did not have clean water as our water source is mainly from the hills and used directly without treatment. Thanks to World Vision’s support… we are [now] sure that common diseases among children in our school will be reduced through better hygiene practices as well as access to clean water and sanitation. ” - Vu Thi Linh, Ven-Am-Kha headmistress

With the water filter in place, teachers can now focus on teaching their students proper handwashing after eating and using the bathroom. Stainless steel containers provided by World Vision also mean boiled water can be kept warm for children to drink. Who knew a simple water filter could bring so much good change?


Meanwhile, change was happening too at the Dong Dieng satellite pre-school. This rural school is one of the most difficult schools to access, resulting in poor sanitation and latrine facilities.


The 21 children attending this pre-school had been using a makeshift latrine (see photo), and without access to clean water, were not able to practise good hygiene. Through your support, World Vision has built toilet facilities at Dong Dieng!

Whether it’s a water filter or proper toilet, lives are being changed by clean water. It is a true gift of hope, for it brings life wherever it goes. So it is with every item in our Gifts of Hope Catalogue, from school bags to chicks and sewing machines. Each gift leaves an impact, and starts a new story.


This Christmas, make your ringgit count. Give hope today.

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