Owen Yap: Help Children Move Forward Boldly Through Education!

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“I believe receiving an education is a child’s basic right. Education can help children grow up and take on their own future challenges.” – World Vision Advocate for Education Owen Yap


As we leave 2020 in the rear view mirror and push forward into 2021, it will take strength and resilience to move ahead boldly and take on each new challenge as and when they come.


Better still, we can enable children living in dire need to do the same! How? Our Advocate for Education Owen Yap explains:


“The most vulnerable children need greater willpower and strength to escape poverty, and there are many examples proving that education is effective in helping children break free from poverty! Education can open up a world of opportunities, changing a person’s entire life.” 


However, children still face many challenges when it comes to education:


  • Only 17% of children in low-income countries are enrolled in pre-school1
  • 38% of children old enough to have finished primary school don’t have the skills they need to survive in life2
  • Across 35 countries, humanitarian crises have disrupted the education of 75 million children3
  • 40% of students around the world are taught in a language they do not speak or understand4


Owen concurs: “Everyone has the right to get an education and pursue their dreams. However, in developing countries, inadequate training and a lack of education resources mean that many children don’t receive a quality education and lack basic reading and writing skills.”


These challenges are great, but not insurmountable. By helping a child to go to school, you’ll equip them with knowledge, confidence and vital life skills that will empower them to move towards a brighter future with hope and boldness.


World Vision addresses barriers to education and works with communities and local governments to improve the quality of education children receive. And even during the pandemic, we are working to ensure that education remains accessible to children through interventions like remote learning.


Would you like to help children start moving forward boldly? Join Owen Yap in helping children learn by giving to World Vision Malaysia’s Education Fund today! Alternatively, become a child sponsor and give a child access to education, proper nutrition, clean water and more, for many years to come!


1,2,4 UNESCO


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