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Helping Children Step Up: Manich’s Story

16-year-old Manich grew up in a remote village in Kampong Leng District, Cambodia. Her parents were both farmers who worked hard to provide for Manich and her two siblings...


This Children's Day, Stand Up and Speak Out

You may have heard that children ought to be seen and not heard, but we believe that their voices matter! As we celebrate World Children’s Day on 20 November, we recognise that as a global society, we have come a long way...


A Day to Empower Every Girl!

Since 2012, 11 October has been the International Day of the Girl. This day aims to highlight and address the needs and challenges that girls around the world face, while promoting girls' empowerment and the fulfillment of their basic rights.


COVID-19 in Malaysia: Moving Ahead with One Heart

The COVID-19 pandemic’s health impacts are well-known. What may be less obvious are its secondary impacts. Owing to movement restrictions and business closures, more people are out of work; this is especially hard on those who are already living in poverty.


Mahima Makes Masks!

Mahima, 13, lives in Moradabad, India. As COVID-19 rages, she – like most people –is worried about what the future holds. “The pandemic brought a lot of fear and pain to us,” she said. As a World Vision sponsored child, Mahima has one big advantage – knowledge.


Owen Yap: Empower Girls to Live a Life Free of Fear

In 2017, World Vision Advocate for Education Owen Yap visited his sponsored child Krita, at Moradabad Area Programme in India. Most of the parents in Krita’s community are not formally educated and do not understand the importance of human rights and education...


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