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We’re 25 because of YOU!

World Vision Malaysia turned 25 this year! This is an incredible milestone for all of us. We are so grateful to every single one of you for supporting us on this journey to empower children and families to overcome poverty, achieve self-sustainability and experience the fullness of life. As we celebrate our silver jubilee, we would like to honour our staff member Trias Chew and volunteer Tan Ming Sen, who have both served with World Vision Malaysia for – yes – 25 YEARS! With them by our side, we could achieve so much.


Ayo Kita Rayakan!

After 13 years of development programmes, Ternate Area Programme (AP) in Indonesia has reached self-sustainability, which means they are equipped and capable of continuing any development work on their own, as well as care for their children. Your support over the years has helped the children and communities of Ternate in far-reaching ways...


I Choose You!

On a beautiful August day in Cambodia, ten-year-old Siphan and her friends gathered excitedly in a hall for a special event. The children were there to choose the person or family who would become their sponsor. After picking a photo from rows of photos hung on pegs at the end of the hall, Siphan 


Turning Waste Into Hope

Mrs Erna from Ternate, Indonesia used to be a conventional farmer, but turned to organic farming after receiving training from Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI; World Vision’s implementing partner in Indonesia). Since switching to organic farming, she worked hard to put her knowledge into practise and her farm is now certified by INOFICE (Indonesian Organic Farming Certification), contributing to increased sales and production. 

Clean Water Sparks Hope in Children’s Hearts

Winter may be coming, but nothing can dampen the spirits of these children in Vietnam. They have received a Gift of Hope in clean water, a practical gift that has transformed their lives in countless ways...


This Children's Day, Stand Up and Speak Out

You may have heard that children ought to be seen and not heard, but we believe that their voices matter! As we celebrate World Children’s Day on 20 November, we recognise that as a global society, we have come a long way...


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